What Is Powerful Women Today?

Dear Friends, Join us March 22, 2018 – Powerful Women Today
Our Mission to “Champion and Empower Women’s Financial and Emotional Independence

Powerful Women Today is a one-day urban retreat geared towards women who are determined to keep achieving amazing things. It is for women who dare to believe that they can turn their vision into reality. It is empowered women empowering each other.

We are one. Women all over the world are interconnected by similar gifts and similar challenges. We travel different paths but the core remains the same. Women are the creators, the nurturers, the dreamers and champions of the world.
Today we must all be entrepreneurs. “Whether in or outside the corporate world, each of us must be responsible for our success, champions of our ideas and landscapers of our careers and our lives. When women take their success into their own hands, when they take ownership of their achievements, development and ambition, there is no limit to what they can accomplish.”
A community. A tribe. A circle of empowerment. Powerful Women Today is a call to the camp fire. An urban retreat where women share their knowledge and learn from each other’s experience. Come awaken your inner power and champion each other to reach higher and further because the legacy you are building demands your very best.
Real successful women sharing. Our urban retreat is facilitated by successful business women, Entrepreneurs, Mothers, Teachers who believe in championing and empowering the women around them and have had to deal with being a woman in a male dominant culture. This one-day event provides the skills for women to achieve their goals, enhance their skills and make them feel powerful and confident from the inside out.

Whether on your way to empowerment or already building a legacy. Powerful Women Today will awaken, nourish and re-charge your spirit, your confidence, your inner drive. A circle of powerful women champions each other to be the change in the world.


Thursday March 22rd, 2018


8500 Warden Ave, Markham, ON L6G 1A5 at the Hilton Conference Centre, Markham Ontario


8:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M.


Early Bird: $85.00

Regular Price: $125.00