Maggie Slider


Subject Matter Expert: Panelist, Law of Attraction, Mind Body Soul Coach

About Maggie:

Maggie’s objectives are to help people ‘get real’ to ‘let go’ to discover their passion and purpose and do so authentically. She believes in vulnerability as a strength, not a weakness. Maggie encourages people to get ‘out of their heads and into their soul’ as we know deep inside of us what feels right and what doesn’t. She wants us to love, honour and respect ourselves first and do everything from a place of LOVE❤️

Maggie’s mission is that with her help people will identify and release what holds them back and no longer serves them……like fears and limiting beliefs. To empower people by increasing their sense of self and helping them create an authentic life they love.

“I have strong beliefs in anti-oppression , anti-racism and discrimination. I believe we all have the potential to live our true life purpose and live with passion, we allow fear to hold us back. I am passionate about positive parenting, effective communication, treating our children with respect and helping them reach their potential. I believe this is our responsibility as parents. I believe it is our abilities which define us, not our disabilities.”

Some of her accomplishments are facilitating support peer groups of pregnant teens and school age children to problem solve, increase a sense of belonging, anti-bullying, inclusion and teamwork. She has facilitated many groups through the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto to teach a mandatory curriculum for perspective Adoptive, Foster and Kin parents. She has extensive years of experience as a Senior Court Officer, overseeing 60 officers and an average of 90 inmates daily.

Her latest accomplishment is co – authoring a book called The Change with Tony Robbins first mentor, Jim Britt.

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