What Is Powerful Women Today?

Dear Friends, Join us October 30th, 2018 – Powerful Women Today

Why we do what we do:

Our goal is to “Champion and Empower Women’s Financial & Emotional Independence”

Why independence matters:

In business:

Women make up 50.4% of the Canadian Population

Fewer than 16% of all businesses are owned by Women

Only 10% of high-growth firms are owned by Women

About 8% of Women-owned businesses export

At work:

Approximately 56% of post-secondary students in Canada are Women

Women who graduate university with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $69,063 annually, while men who graduate with a bachelor’s degree earn $97,761

Women today are pursuing demanding careers and moving into management and leadership positions. However, only three out of the 100 highest-paid Canadian CEOs were women in 2016 (latest data)

The under-representation of women in top-earning positions contributes to slower progress in efforts to close the gender pay gap

Women still earn 37% less than men at all income levels. 

At home:

There are four (4) times more female lone-parent families than male

40.7% of marriages are expected to end in divorce.  This figure does not include common-law the aggregate number is closer to 50%

Women’s life expectancy is higher, women are more likely than men to develop chronic health problems that often appear with age

Sources: www.statcan.gc.ca

Who we are:

Powerful Women Today is a social enterprise working with individuals, enterprises, organizations, government and other statutory bodies to provide enterprising solutions to social and environmental challenges faced by women.  To create new ways of doing business enabling more women business owners, corporate leaders and strengthening single income households and their dependents.

What we do:

As a consultancy of women experts and knowledge sharing enterprise our goal is to help improve the status of women.  We do that by championing and empowering women’s emotional and financial independence.

How we do it:

Through Advocacy, Research, Financial, Emotional and Mental Health Literacy.

” We support and promote the success of women enterprises & corporate leaders, positioning Canada as the global leader of the women social enterprise movement”


Tuesday October 30th  2018


Ajax Convention Centre

550 Back Crescent, Ajax, ON

L1Z 1C9


8:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M.


Early Bird: $85.00

Regular Price: $125.00

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