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Powerful Women Today is living proof that dreams comes true.  if you see it in your mind, and let go of limiting beliefs, say allow yourself to say  YES and trust that you are limitless the universe takes care of all details.  

I woke up 10 years ago.  It was looking at pictures of my 40th birthday party that I could see the light in my eyes was gone.  Even though on the surface I had a privilege life, my heart, spirit and fire had been extinguished.  I had allowed it to be extinguished.  I knew it was now or never. 

I knew there was so much I could do, so many places to visit, so many experiences to have, so many lessons to learn.  With all the courage in my heart I decided to opt out of the path I was in.  Suburbia, a career path that did not feed my soul, a relationship that was not able at the time to let me explore and grow. 

So I jumped, without a safety net, without a parachute.  Knowing what I know and after everything that has happened, I am 100% sure I would do it all over again just like so.  My path is not everyone’s path nor is the way I chose to claim my power and my independence.

I often say Powerful Women Today chose me.  I genuinely believe that.  What started small in my living room grew to a circle of women, a workshop, a meet-up, conferences, chapters, a book publishing press, a broadcast network, an academy, a magazine and the opportunity to meet thousands of women ready to honour themselves by putting their health, wealth, happiness first.  In order to give your best you must become your best. 

I am proud to have authored my first book.  The story of Powerful Women Today.  “Awaken your Emotional and Financial Independence” 15 Steps to Claim Your Power, Create Your Optimal Self and Build the Life of Your Dreams. (PWTPress 2020) along with its companion workbook creates a blueprint for success for all women wanting and ready to answer the question: “What if”.

Thank you for visiting our site and for sharing our message to every woman in the world.

BigLove Darlings

Carolina M. Billings, Founder

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Our Leadership Team

Carolina M. Billings

Founder & CEO

“My vision and mission is to help women awaken to their ultimate superpowers. Financial Literacy, Financial Intelligence and the absolute ultimate power: Financial Independence”

Domenic Cosentino

Partner & COO

“My wish is for my daughter and everyone’s daughters to experience, the freedom, equality, independence and empowerment they deserve”

Debbie Allen


“My big vision and global mission is to support and empower women worldwide to speak their mind, achieve their goals and live their dream.”

David Wolf


“My vision is to awaken the consciousness of mankind in order to make our world a better place. 

My mission is to build a company that connects great authors, speakers, thought leaders and their wisdom to the world.”