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Awaken your emotional and financial independence

Awaken your emotional and financial independence is for women starting a new chapter in their life.  Be it pivoting as we emerge from the current pandemic, starting fresh after a separation or divorce or having to look for new careers, sources of income or starting their own businesses.  


It’s perfect for those transitioning from passive to active creators of the success in their lives.  To date, I’ve taken over hundreds of women through this and the reviews and results have been life altering and overwhelmingly positive!


Empowerment as a lifestyle means exactly that. We walk through 15 steps from here to success, happiness and personal transformation.  Based on our unique program, we focus on creating a life in balance with focus, purpose and most of all ensuring no one aspect of your life is sacrificed in pursuit of a single goal.




The root of most challenges women are facing are two-fold:

EMOTIONAL:  The ability to believe, be confident, courageous, resilient and most of all resourceful is a common block.

FINANCIAL:  Having the knowledge, skills, and foundation to build and thrive in our lives without having to make compromised choices for the sake of money moved me deeply.

Something had to be done.  We are now a movement.  As social impact enterprise that “Champions Women’s Emotional and Financial Independence” 

Let’s get you to your next level!


What are the 15 steps?

What can you expect?

You will get insights, strategies and a lot of discussion time to share your own experiences and ask questions relevant to you.


You will walk away with your own blueprint to success.  With a clear plan so once the workshop is finished, you can continue to work on the 15 areas we covered in the session.


The result is a life with intention, on purpose addressing all the areas in your life and knowing with clarity what happiness and success means to you and how to enjoy the journey. 


If you’re still looking for more reasons to attend, here are five more.


  1. You’ll gain confidence and clarity


Confidence is the key to having leadership presence. You’ve probably heard that you can “fake it ‘til you make it”, there is no reason to fake anything.  By being your authentic self, you can begin your journey to success immediately. Feeling confident and driven by a formula that allows the enjoyment of the journey and small successes leading to big successes. 


  1. You’ll have a chance to ask your most pressing questions

One of the best pieces of feedback that I get every time I run this Masterclass, whether it’s the Leadership Presence within the Masterclass or the Community of Empowered Women Afterwards that, is that people love the discussion opportunities. 


They love hearing other people’s questions. They find comfort in hearing that others struggle with the same things they do. And they value the opportunity to get advice on something they’re experiencing at the moment. That is why I created these Masterclass – so you can get the most benefit for your professional life. 


If you can’t ask questions and get good answers, then to me, it’s a lecture, not an empowerment, interactive catalyst for change.


  1. You’ll connect on a deep level with other participants

The benefit of carved out discussion time during the workshop is it allows you to connect on a deeper level with other participants. 


When you start connecting on a deep level with others, you start to build relationships with them which in turn, expands your network and gives you an advantage in your business life. 


During many of the workshops, I see people exchange email addresses, phone numbers or organize to get together at another time. I can see relationships being built and for your leadership development, that is priceless. 


  1. You’ll get insights that I share only with my high-level coaching clients

If you’ve ever wondered what type of advice and guidance you can get in a coaching session, you’ll get a taste of this in my workshops. Because there is so much emphasis on discussion time, it’s like a mini-group coaching session. 


That will give you the opportunity to have a small amount of coaching and a taste for what a coaching session with me would be like.



  1. #Stronger Together Powerful Women Today understands that the greatest powers women can have are confidence and financial independence.  With these two powers, they are able to create the life of their dreams immediately.  On their own terms, setting their own goals and boundaries.  


There are no women more beautiful, sexy and powerful
than a woman who is happy and financially independent.

Join the evolution of female leadership

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