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My mission is to help people and organizations maximize and realize their potential. Through various relationships, communications, conversations, presentations, seminars & special events, I connect with people to exchange insights & information that will help lift our collective level of thinking and empower all parties to create value. 

Specialties: business development, leadership & professional development, empowering entrepreneurs, public speaking, seminar / workshop creation & delivery, marketing & communications, event planning & coordination, writing, business analytics.


Kathy Barthel (aka Bratty Kathy) of Take on the World is a video and storytelling coach; website copywriter; and editor who helps women entrepreneurs create a unique, irresistible, and consistent message online, offline, and on video. She helps them find and own what makes them distinct—and therefore competitive—even if not everyone likes it. “If you’re not repelling people, you’re doing it wrong!” she says. “Not everyone should be your client, so why turn yourself into a pretzel to please someone who isn’t a match? Didn’t we learn that from dating? Be yourself and attract the clients who are a fit instead.”

Her writing and video trainings incorporate interviews, roleplay and improv to help entrepreneurs find their words, tell their real story, and develop an intimate one-on-one relationship (on their website, blog or video) with the people they really want to help—confident that they’ll attract many more.

Natalia originally from Colombia, immigrated to Canada two years ago after living in the US for three years. During her integration to her new homeland, Natalia and her family faced many blessings and challenges which have inspired her to share her experiences to help many women to overcome obstacles and achieve all the dreams that inspired the move to a new country.

In Colombia, she was a successful financial advisor in a prestigious brokerage firm doing business in the Colombian’s stock market for more than 9 years.  After the birth of her daughters and wanting a better future for her family, Natalia began her journey.  After completing her MBA at St. Leo University in Florida, a decision had to be made.  Going back to Colombia presented many challenges.

Currently with RBC Wealth working as a Financial Advisor, Natalia joined Powerful Women Today to expand the movement of championing women’s emotional health and financial literacy to include the needs of women new to Canada.  Together with WPT’s founder also an “old” new Canadian, they are creating ways to lessen the obstacles and provide timely support for early successes.  


As an independent insurance advisor with a background in accounting, I provide clients with professional advice for both their personal and business insurance needs. 

The cost of healthcare today is the biggest disrupter to our finances. Using risk management and financial planning tools, I specialize in providing self employed and small business owners with the most tax efficient healthcare and insurance strategies available in Canada. 

On the individual side, I show you how to plan for the future you want -protecting your family, preserving your lifestyle and how to get the medical care you need, when you need it.

doris chung

Combining her education with her background in printing and binding, Doris founded PPS.

With her keen eye for design, she helps self-published authors bring their books to life.

With the introduction of the self-publishing industry, you no longer have to depend upon a big publishing house to put your ideas, photos or design into print. If you have a dream to see your work converted into a high-quality book, she is here to help.



I am a happiness and resiliency trainer, author, speaker, coach and facilitator. I have spoken for more than 400,000 audience members and have privately trained over 1000 individuals, because it is my absolute favorite thing to do…spreading happiness and hope. I live to inspire hope and love; to encourage you to heal; to create more happiness and gratitude in your life, and to do so in spite of the many challenges you have faced.


Unique among HR Consultants is my ability to provide practical business minded HR solutions and strategies based on 15 years as part owner of a national engineering firm. 

The key to business success is understanding and building a business where the foundation starts with its people. A creator of an award winning best work culture, 50 Best Workplaces in Canada – top 10 for 2 consecutive years, I know the value of people to Business Success. The results are improved productivity, strong workplace culture, enhanced employee satisfaction and increased retention. I help businesses, their owners and their people in “Developing People and Business Success”.


Jackie Porter, CFP, Toronto, is an award winning financial planner serving busy professionals, entrepeneurs and their famillies for 18 years. She has been featured on CBC, Sun TV and  BNN. Jackie is also a regular contributor to SLAW Tips, Investment Executive,  Wealth Professional and Divorce Journal.   She  was recently named a FINALIST in the Wealth Professional Women of Influence Award for 2017. The co-author of Single By Chance or By Choice, Jackie is a leading expert in women and money, and a powerful voice in the world of women’s financial empowerment.

jana bartley

Jana Bartley, is the Founder and CEO of Integrity Healthcare Consultants where she provides exceptional guidance for her clients by assisting them in navigating the complexities of today’s healthcare system. She has more than 20 years’ experience working in the healthcare field as a clinician, unit manager, practicum instructor, patient relations consultant and a legal nurse consultant. 

Jana reviewed many cases that with proper communication and knowledge could have been prevented. Her focus is to work with clients to provide the missing link between navigating an often complex and intimidating healthcare system and patient engagement and empowerment.


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Learn how to become a Trusted Advisor and the rest will fall into place.

To get you started on the right path, feel free to sign up for a complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute strategy session. Bring your most pressing challenge or question and you’ll walk away with at least 2 strategies you can implement right away.

If you’re really serious about landing corporate clients the right way, then I encourage you to take the time to do this for yourself and your business. Go here to sign up, and I’ll speak to you soon!

karla lang

Karla is committed to helping professional women live their best career life: confident, respected and valued.  Karla is a trained Marriage and Family Therapist who has worked in the field of personal growth and transformation for over twenty years.  She has helped hundreds of people shift into their personal power to feel confident, respected and living their life empowered.

Karla’s life changing transformational workshops and programs receive impressive feedback from participants.  Women now feel empowered and able to rise up to the next step in their careers and in their lives. 


kary Odiatu
krisha young

Krisha Young is the Delicious Life Coach and Sabotage Slayer for kick-ass women to power up their possible and lead a Delicious Life. Slicing through synapses to shed self-sabotage, and having spent 20+ years working alongside C-Suite executives, and overcoming her own lifestyle challenges, she is the catalyst for stressed-out changemakers to go from jaded to juiced. Creator of the Delicious Life Movement, Krisha is a transformative partner in power for leading-edge women. Featured in the Huffington Post, Joyous Health, and iHeart Radio, Krisha hosts the Cabernet and Kale podcast and is a sought-after speaker on how to get out of your own way and live your most Delicious Life.

leslie edwards

Leslie Edwards is helping ambitious single professional women unleash their inner goddess to find the love of their life. Coauthor of best-selling Love & Coaching with Men are from Mars expert Dr John Gray, I am passionate about the kind of love that unlocks our greatest potential, and finding love with way more ease! My mission is for women to know that we are always supported & guided by wisdom & truth greater than we can fathom. A conspiracy by the divine & your own feminine inner goddess, to accept this natural power to fulfill your deepest desires. 


Did you know that there are over 3200 franchise companies in North America? If you are interested in owning a franchise, how do you know which one is right for you?

As a former franchise owner myself, and a successful corporate career with several franchise companies, I have an in-depth understanding of the world of franchising. I apply my franchising experience and expertise to help individuals identify franchise opportunities that are the best fit for their financial and personal goals. As a professional consultant I work with you on how to conduct a thorough franchise search and help you to find solid choices out of hundreds of brands in all sectors.

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Vania Sakelaris runs a management consulting practice, providing advisory, coaching and training services building on 25 years as a seasoned executive.  Vania is well versed in government relations and policy, and in the development and execution of large-scale strategies.  She is effective at building partnerships, facilitating executive level discussions as well as influencing and advancing change at the system, organization and individual levels. She provides coaching for women and executives on recalibrating their busy lives based on values and passion. Vania lectures part-time on health system strategy, and is a business case writer through the Ivey School of Business. She is an active volunteer and is a Mentor for the Women in Business Association at U of T. 

Olivia Chu Black and White

Founder of the Centre for Neuropsychology and Emotional Wellness.

Offering a variety of assessment services, including psychodiagnostic, psychoeducational, neuropsychological, gifted and other individual assessments, to examine an individual’s level of cognitive, emotional and behavioural functioning. In addition, providing individual psychotherapy for adults in a safe and supportive environment to help deal with a variety oflife’s challenges and guide them to emotional wellness.


Liliana Black and White

Liliana Rizopulos, MBA, President & Owner Liquid Capital.  Flexible solutions for your business’ financial needs.  I am passionate about helping business owners succeed. I do this by providing small and medium size companies the financial solutions they need to grow at their full potential. All too often companies miss opportunities for growth due to a lack of funding. It is sad to see companies turn away sales or not being able to fulfill orders due to the lack of working capital. Our financial solutions improve our clients’ liquidity allowing them to increase revenues and operate more efficiently.

Carolina Black and White

Founder of Powerful Women Today a forum for the empowerment and optimization of women’s status and lives.  

I have had the great pleasure to have worked with inspiring business leaders in my corporate experience.  Helping grow businesses has been a very rewarding career.  Having experienced a scaffolding path from finance to HR to Leadership to the C-Suite helped prepare for the ultimate role in my life, that of entrepreneur and founder of a social enterprise.  Living your life on purpose with intention and mindfulness towards a greater good is the ultimate experience.  I am grateful every day to be able to work with such talented and powerful leaders truly making a difference in the wold and in women’s lives often at great sacrifice.  

Thank you for coming to our site and hopefully being part of a movement to “Champion and Empower Women’s Financial and Emotional Independence”

With Loving Kindness


Patti Black and White

Superpower:  Small Business Coach + Sales Wizard

Pioneer Patti started off as the shyest geekiest female tech pioneer proving that ANYONE can learn how to sell AND enjoy it too. Having made six-figures at IBM by the age of 25, she took off for a year of solo travel from Scotland to Greece and everywhere in between. This turned into 8 years of working, living and traveling all over Europe, where she quadrupled her starting salary in Germany within three years to six-figures, despite being one of a handful of professional females in tech. 

After her return to Toronto, much to Patti’s surprise, someone hired this most unlikely million dollar sales whiz as her sales coach -and she now works with entrepreneurs to double and triple their revenues while having more fun too. She has deconstructed her laid-back sales style so that anyone can learn how get more clients and not feel salesy nor pushy. 

Patti is the author of The Accidental Farmer: Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneur and if she can be a farmer, you can be anything you want to be, as long as you know how to sell and market that is. 

She will take you from Sales FEAR to Sales FUN, so you can do more of what you love!

Bev Lewis Black and White

Bev is the founder and CEO of Positive Solutions Divorce Services. She is an Accredited Family Mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. 

Bev graduated from McMaster University with an Under Graduate Diploma in Family Mediation and continued her education in Transformative Mediation through Conrad Grebel University. She has also received her certification in Arbitration.


She began her journey in mediation after she went through her own divorce.  For years she and her ex-husband were in and out of court fighting against each other when they should have been working together for what was in the best interest of their family.


Bev created Positive Solutions Divorce Services to give couples an amicable alternative to settling issues after the breakdown of their marriage. Positive Solutions Divorce Services is now the largest private mediation company in Canada.

Zainab Black and White

I want to live in a world where people’s best interests are kept at the core of each financial strategy and in turn we are moved towards making a positive social impact with our legacies. I also wanted to share with you the link to BPW the human trafficking faceless doll project

Allyshia Black and White

Dr. Daley’s chiropractic focus ranges from infants & pregnant women, to athletes, elderly and everything in between.  Her love & passion for healthcare led her to obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Brunswick.  While attending UNB, she was exposed to the wonderful world of chiropractic and thus began her journey.  She relocated to Ontario to pursue her Doctor of Chiropractic and Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Provider degrees from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and McMaster University, respectively. 

Her practice knows no limits and welcomes any opportunity to educate and assist patients. 

Since graduation, Dr. Daley has been practicing in her home province and has recently moved back to Toronto where she will continue her chiropractic journey.  You can find her at DC Chiropractic on Mondays and Wednesdays

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