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I often say that Powerful Women Today chose me instead of my choosing to start a movement.

What started so small in my living room has grown into a social enterprise beyond what I could have ever imagined. 

First we grew into a workshop, championing women’s goals.  Before I knew it we were running conferences and collaborating with some of the top and most prestigious organizations in the city.

It would come clear quite fast that the root of most challenges women are facing are two-fold:

EMOTIONAL:  The ability to believe, be confident, courageous, resilient and most of all resourceful is a common block.

FINANCIAL:  Having the knowledge , skills, and foundation to build and thrive in our lives without having to make compromised choices for the sake of money moved me deeply.

Something had to be done.  We are now a movement.  As social impact enterprise that “Champions Women’s Emotional and Financial Independence”

Carolina Munoz-Billings – Founder

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