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Championing and empowering women's emotional and financial indpendence


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Highlights from our upcoming empowerment Masterclasses

July 27th 2020 7:00 P.M.

Starting over "Awaken your emotional and Financial Independence"

Awaken your emotional and financial independence is for women starting a new chapter in their life.  Be it pivoting as we emerge from the current pandemic, starting fresh after a separation or divorce or having to look for new careers, sources of income or starting their own businesses.

In this Masterclass you will receive:

1. “Awaken your emotional and financial independence” Ebook: 15 Steps to Claim Your Power, Create Your Optimal Self and build the lIfe of Your Dreams.

2. “Awaken your emotional and financial independence” Workbook.

3. A three hour group coaching to do a deep dive and fully understand how you implement change.

4. An opportunity to win a 1:1 consultation with Powerful Women Today’s Founder Carolina Billings a $2,500 value.

5. An opportunity to join a community of likeminded women committed to living an empowered life full of success, happiness and fulfillment.  

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August 18th 2020 TBA

The entrepreneur's edge.
stand up above the noise and get noticed.

More details to follow. 

September 14th 2020

The power of multiple income streams.
Own the ladder. never worry about being fired or losing your income.

More details to follow. 

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