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Carolina Billings
Founder, Powerful Women Today

Championing & Empowering Women's
Financial & Emotional Independence

Celebrating 10 years of empowerment

What is Powerful Women Today?

IMAGINE a world where women are empowered to defy limitstransform futures, and ignite change! We are a global community of women on a relentless mission to awaken the leader and economic power within us.

TOGETHER, we are mentoring, educating and training women around the globe to become the successful leaders we were born to be. Not just in business but in life.  We learn to live a life empowered, with confidence, purpose, happiness and fulfillment. 
We are #Stronger Together.

Like the women we empower, we are not one thing. We are a boutique accelerator for women's success. That means we meet women were they are, where their greatest need is at without judgement. Our focus is for women to feel free to begin achieving a life on purpose wth fulfillment, empowerment and independence.

We are a social impact movement, a community of leaders, city chapters to champion women and communities, accelerators to help focus on a specific need, an academy with mentor experts, a broadcast network, a publishing house, a platform to raise women voices and much more.

Like the women in our movement leading multiple aspects of their lives, Powerful Women Today's mission and vision is to champion and empower women's emotional and financial independence in multiple areas of a woman's life.

Powerful Women Today is an experience, a call to action. Dreams becoming goals. Goals becoming reality.

Join thousands of women already living life on their own terms

Our Mission and Vision.


WE BELIEVE that by building a coalition of emerging women leaders around the globe our impact helps the emerging force of women founders and leaders. 

WE BELIEVE Together  we can help shape future generations of women as economic leaders.

WE BELIEVE That through our ecosystem we help the personal and economical empowerment of women by living and practicing the evolution of the female leadership through

Financial and Emotional Literacy

Financial and Emotional Intelligence 

Financial and Emotional Independence 

Our Programs and Services

How to Join Powerful Women Today

Empowerment as a lifestyle

15 Steps to claim your power, create your optimal self and build the life of your dreams. Empowerment as a lifestyle is guided by the 15 steps to wellness and success.

Acceleration of your business & Career

Being part of a community of leaders ready to succeed has proven to be one of the most effective ways to achieve your goals.  Strategy, Business Growth and Profitability are key to success.  Professional Women wanting to maximize their careers embracing an entrepreneurship mindset achieve their goals and much more. 

Leading the movement

GROW WITH US.  EARN WITH US.  LEAD WITH US.  Becoming a City Chapter Leader or Leading an Accelerator is one of the most rewarding experiences for those who love to serve and teach.   Being part of the awakening of a woman’s power is witnessing greatness arriving home.  The realization that goals are within reach and everything you need is within you is one of the most powerful gifts on earth. 



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