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Our team of experts are elite professionals.  Doctors, Master Level Clinicians, License Professionals and Master Coaches/Advisor

Live Summits

Join us live at our summits, trade shows and galas.  Networking with top leaders, industry experts and women ready to change the world. Our sold-out events bring together the best of the best.


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PWT Foundation

We are the future of a Social Impact Enterprise.  10% of all of our profits are directed to our foundation to “End Violence and Abuse against Women & Children”

Would you like to realize a social ROI and Win/Win/Win?

PWT Academy

Women are successful leaders in every industry, They all have leadership skills in common that make them stand out. Although these are not all-inclusive, here are several leadership and personal development skills we can develop to make us more successful. 

PWT Promotions

Our ethical swag and branded products have passed strict audits related to social compliance, environmental impact, product safety, supply chain security and product quality.  We look for sustainable goods which includes recycled content/organic/biodegradable/etc., we watch carbon footprint when shipping and make sure there is no green washing with our suppliers.

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